This statement sets out our policies on the privacy of your personal information:

Very briefly, this website is operated complies with the Australian Government’s Information Privacy Principles which are outlined at We try to comply with these principles at all times.

Our website collects the following information from our online visitors: a record of each visit that logs a visitor’s IP address, the date and time of their visit, the pages accessed and/or documents downloaded their country of origin and the type of browser used. (This is the same type of information routinely collected by all web servers around the world). No attempt is or will be made to identify individual users or their browsing activities except in the unlikely event of an investigation where a law enforcement agency exercises a warrant to inspect our service provider’s logs. We analyse the information collected by our web server at the end of each month purely to determine our website’s overall use statistics.

We retain the email addresses of people who send emails to us through this website for the simple purpose of sending them a response. These email addresses are stored in a secure area, that is, not on the website, and are not used for any other purpose.

We do not give information about you to government agencies, organisations or anyone else unless one of the following applies:

  • you have consented
  • you’d expect us to or we have told you we will
  • it is required or authorised by law
  • it will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health or
  • the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement.

People who submit email addresses, websites or other information for linking on this website are agreeing to have them published on our website by doing so. We will, however, remove or modify any submitted email address, website URL or other supplied information on request.

Visitors should also note that this website contains links to a number of other websites that are included on the basis of containing content related to our own site’s operations and/or as a service to our online visitors. When you click on a link to go to another site, you leave our own website and are no longer protected by our Privacy Policy.

This privacy statement is periodically reviewed in line with the ongoing development of our website and/or changes to Australian privacy laws.



 Anti-Spam Policy

This statement sets out our policies relating to spam, that is, unsolicited commercial email.

Our website complies with the Australian Spam Act 2003.

We don’t send out any spam emails. Nor do we do business with any individual or company that does. We report any Australian who spams us to the proper authorities on receipt of their spam.

If you subscribe to any newsletter or similar online update service through our website, you may unsubscribe from that service at any time and your email address will be erased from our files the moment you do.

In addition, the email addresses of subscribers to any of our online updating services will not be shared with anyone else as outlined in our Privacy Policy.