indis is the writing style guide for companies

Benefits of indis to companies

Why a company should install indis the indispensable online writing style guide

In your organisation…
Are you hearing that your clients can’t understand your information?
Are you annoyed by inconsistencies and errors in documents?
Are staff spending too much time answering client queries despite the manuals?
Are managers complaining to you that their staff can’t write well enough?

Documents are the face of your organisation to the public–they must be good.
The better the documents, manuals and sales material are–the more clients you get.

If you buy indis for your company we will provide, at no extra cost, a customised section containing specific company style requirements.

Five main reasons why indis the writing style guide is indispensable to your organisation

Indis improves the quality of your documents, emails, websites, blogs, and manuals by helping writers:

  • Remove inconsistencies
  • Increase clarity and conciseness
  • Improve usability
  • Avoid the common English language writing errors

Indis works with tender writers, to help you win tenders, as it:

  • Helps improve the overall writing quality of your tender
  • Ensures that tenders have a consistent style throughout
  • Helps reduce page count by using a concise writing style

Indis the writing style guide will save time and staffing resources by helping writers:

  • Produce documents that reduce calls to your help line
  • Reduce the time taken to check and rewrite documents
  • Reduce the time spent by staff looking for answers to language questions in very large and often irrelevant e-format and hard-copy style guides

Indis the writing style guide is relevant to all types of Australian organisations as it:

  • Offers, in a comprehensive yet concise format, basic guidelines that are relevant to all industries and businesses
  • Balances traditional language standards with modern Australian English usage
  • Offers a free company specific addition that will include your company style choices

And by the way …

Indis is written by industry experts–you benefit directly from their years of writing, editing, managing and training  experience. They have:

  • First-hand experience in many companies, government departments, and universities
  • Experienced all the types of documents you produce and the topics you write about
  • Knowledge of the questions and problems that writers with different professional and educational backgrounds have in their workplaces

Install indis you will find it indispensable

As indispensable… as the name suggests. As the media manager of a $2.1b business, leading a team of young professionals, it is great to be able to rely on indis as the authoritative source for answers to a myriad of style related questions. Handy to use; the new office cry is ‘Check it in indis!’

Andy C

Media Manager