Indis Features

indis the indespensable online style guide

Indis is the only writing style guide where the answer to your query is only 3 clicks away. Other indis features include:


Indis contains concise information on the 93 most needed style topics
Easy to understand explanations and examples
Covers contemporary and most types of documents
Contemporary Australian usage given
Based on experience, written by experts

Easy to use…

Indis has a very easy to use menu system
It also has a search mechanism to find all mentions of a topic

Value for money…

Indis is no more expensive than most other reputable writing style guides
All updates for the first year are free
Good return on your investment, in time saved looking for style help

Access …

Indis is instantly accessible from your desktop
Information is conciser and easy to find
Most answers are only 3 clicks away
Writing and style solutions at your fingertips, when and where you want

Applicable to…

Indis is applicable to all industries, all occupations and all types of writing


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Grab your copy to day and start your journey to better writing

Writing poses problems every day, but getting it right is just a click away with indis.


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