Advantages of using indis as your style guide

indis the indespensable online style guide

You need indis the writing style guide because…

You may wonder whether a word should be capitalised, if current style is i.e. or ie, how to structure a list, or even how to identify and avoid passive voice. Indis the writing style guide will help you with all this and much more.

Have you wasted time looking for style help only to find conflicting answers? With indis all the help you need is in the one place and is accessible from your desktop.

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Whether you are an IT person, an engineer, an office manager, a writer of manuals and procedures, or in any other area of business or technology, writing is an integral part of your work. You will find that indis answers your basic writing questions and removes the worry your writing may be causing you.

Indis the writing style guide is easy to use because it…

  • Sits on your desktop–this makes it always accessible with no need to be online
  • Gives style query answers from your desktop–just 3 clicks away
  • Is easy to use–no learning curve
  • Is concise–not too much to read, readily giving you the answers you need so you can get on with your writing and then your other work

Indis the writing style guide has the answers you’re looking for because it…

  • Includes topics that business, technical and professional writers frequently ask about
  • Covers all types of business and technical communication regardless of industry, document type or topic
  • Includes all the common style choices with the contemporary Australian ones highlighted

Indis the writing style guide is affordable because it…

  • Has all the answers you’re looking for
  • Is the most accessible style guide available

Indis the writing style guide is written by industry experts…

You benefit directly from their years of writing, editing, managing and teaching as they have:

  • First hand experience in many companies, government departments and universities
  • Experience in writing all the types of documents you produce and the topics you write about
  • Knowledge of the types of questions and problems that writers with different professional and educational backgrounds have in their workplaces

You are not alone when you have indis the writing style guide just 3 clicks away on your desktop

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