About the team

Marcia Bascombe

Consulting Editor
Marcia began her technical writing career in 1990 and has worked for various IT companies and several websites. Since 2004 she has also worked as a freelance editor of textbooks and electronic materials for various educational publishers.

Marcia is a past-president of the Society for Technical Communication (Australia Chapter) and an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Society for Technical Communication (Victoria).

Corrie Parsonson

Corrie Parsonson is an experienced multimedia journalist, award-winning reporter and founding editor of the renowned Reuters News Graphics Service.

Corrie established information graphics units at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne before moving to London in 1990 for Reuters.

He also paints (expressionist landscape and surrealist oil paintings) while freelancing as a videographer, photographer, DVD author and information/graphics designer.

Gerald Jimenez

Gerald is an experienced solutions architect & software development manager with over 15 years experience in business and technology leadership, designing, planning and execution of technology based solutions specialising in the Business Process Transformation.

In recent years Gerald decide to expand out his horizons by focusing is skills in the creation, development and selling of products online. This includes the setting of websites, promotion, social media, SEO, fulfilment, payments and analytic’s of such ventures. Currently, working for Health By the Bay Pty Ltd.

As indispensable… as the name suggests. As the media manager of a $2.1b business, leading a team of young professionals, it is great to be able to rely on indis as the authoritative source for answers to a myriad of style related questions. Handy to use; the new office cry is ‘Check it in indis!’

Andy C

Media Manager