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indis the indespensable online style guide

Indis evolved from many years of teaching technical and business writing to companies who did not use style guides. This always had a detrimental effect on employee writing with inconsistency and writing problems causing a poor experience for end users. Some companies had a style guide ‘somewhere’ but nobody either knew where it was or if it even existed. A new way of presenting a writing style guide was needed and it needed to be comprehensive, easy to use and accessible.

We have done this

Indis is an online style guide for writers–it is accessible, easy to use and comprehensive.

This is what ex-Fairfax journalist and columnist Paul Nicholson has to say about indis…

Click is easy. Much easier than lugging a giant encyclopaedia or dictionary to the desk, flicking pages, squinting. Nope–a click is much easier. And the way we’ve built indis, just click and you’ll always be taken to the right place. So there’s no need to shut down the page you’re on. You have your answer in a blink, you can get on with your work–just click and indis tucks itself away to be ready for your next question. There is so much stuff that we should know, but we don’t. Or at least it does not come easily to mind. Simple things, like are there full stops in i.e., and e.g.? Or in am and pm? Click and you’ll know. How do you abbreviate a date? What is the correct way to punctuate? Single or double inverted commas? Is there a shorter way to say this? Indis knows.

We’ve had a team of dedicated, skilled, committed, communicators working on indis for some years. They come from varying backgrounds including government, education, and technical communication.

Writing poses problems every day, but getting it right is just a click away with indis.


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