Welcome to indis the indispensable online style guide for writers.

Have you ever been to a training course on writing and communicating and wondered how you would remember everything you’d just been told? You had the manual tucked under your arm to take back to the office, but you had a gut feeling even then that it would be too difficult to flick though when you urgently wanted a solution to a writing or style problem.

Over many years I have taught writing skills to people from a wide variety of companies from engineering to IT to law to medical to banking to government and to many others. The one thing I felt, after finishing each course, was that the attendees needed a quick way to access the information I was giving them.

How useful is a heavy course manual or a company style guide through the intranet? They need to be found and then don’t always provide immediate answers.

In my course I provided word lists such as Words commonly confused and misused and Phrases into words that I had assembled over my many years of teaching. Everyone said they were going to be very useful. During the course there was not enough time to teach a lot of style so I recommended books for that. However I also recommended that, as it was essential for consistent documentation, they setup a decent company style guide. What everyone really needed was accessible information. I was already starting to think about an online style guide for writers.

So I decided to do something about it. For years I wrote topics that I thought would be useful. Then I realised I needed help. I gathered a group of like-minded people around me and together we have written all the information a full scale style guide needs. Then we added just a bit more to help you with your writing.

So our indispensable online style guide, indis for short, came into being. Indis sits on your desktop and the answer to any style query is only three clicks away. There are clear explanations, options where needed, and many examples. For all style features, where there are options, the current Australian style is given.

We all felt that our main aim for the indis project was to make our style guide complete and quickly accessible. Buy indis now and you will find that it is exactly that.