Poor Writing Can Cost Business

A well-known computer manufacturer lost $35 million in a single quarter due to unreadable customer instruction manuals. Indis can help you.
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Just 3 Clicks Away

Indis is the first instantly accessible style guide with 93 style and writing topics only 3 clicks away.  

Kick start your career

Whether you are an office worker, technical expert, manager, or business owner, if you need to communicate you must have good writing skills. Indis will help you.
Indis is a modern Australian writing style guide that encourages consistent and easy-to-understand writing without the feel of a grammar book.

Contemporary Language

Covers contemporary and most types of documents with easy to understand explanations and examples

Australian Language

Created using contemporary Australian language usage

Created by Experts

Indis evolved from many years of teaching technical and business writing to companies who did not use style guides  

Applicable to All Industries

Offers, in a comprehensive yet concise format, basic guidelines that are relevant to all industries and businesses  

Style guide for all writers

Indis is an online writing style guide for all writers. Whether you are an office worker, a technical expert, a manager or a business owner you need to improve your writing skills, Indis is a great resource to have at your finger tips. Indis is particularly useful for people whose business is not generally writing, for people whose skills are not as a writer and for writers who have English as a second language.

Fast and easy to use

Indis is very easy to search to find the information you need, and all topics have easy to understand explanations and examples. All this is just 3 clicks away.

Written by industry experts

You benefit directly from their years of writing, editing, managing and teaching as they have:

  • First hand experience in many companies, government departments and universities
  • Experience in writing all the types of documents you produce and the topics you write about
  • Knowledge of the types of questions and problems that writers with different professional and educational backgrounds have in their workplaces

Save company time and staffing resources

If you are part of a company that writes information for clients and/or internal users you need a good style guide. Indis the indispensable online writing style guide will help all writers produce consistent, compact and usable information saving time and money. Buy indis for your company and you get a company specific style section for no extra cost. Indis works with tender writers, to help you win your tender by improving the overall quality of the tender and ensuring that every tender has a consistent style. This gives all tenders a truly professional look.

As indispensable… as the name suggests. As the media manager of a $2.1b business, leading a team of young professionals, it is great to be able to rely on indis as the authoritative source for answers to a myriad of style related questions. Handy to use; the new office cry is ‘Check it in indis!’ Andy C - Media Manager

You will find indis indispensable